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Tips to Prioritize Remodeling Projects


When you have multiple home improvement projects, it can be challenging to find which one you should remodel first. If this what bothers you, then we are happy to give you some advice to determine which projects should you prioritize the most. Through this thoughtful thinking, your projects will be streamlined, and your plans will slowly start to unfold.

1. What do you absolutely need to remodel?

Owning a house is a big investment and the best way to take care of it is to implement necessary repairs and updates as opposed to luxury upgrades. You need to ensure that the doors, roof, windows, and exterior siding are in tip-top shape. Hiring like a roofing and drainage maintenance in Vancouver (homepage) is one of the best ways to achieve it. Once your investment’s protection is secured, then that’s the time you can move on to upgrades you feel like could benefit your house.

 2. What’s next on your remodeling wish list?

Once all the vital items have been updated, it’s time to determine a list of your wants. You need to have a prioritized wish list so that you’ll have an idea on which upgrades you should tackle first. Try to obtain estimates for your entire wish list so that you can create a budget and ensure that all costs will be covered. After that, decide on which items can be achieved by your current budget at the desired time.

3. What’s your reason to renovate?

Is your family getting bigger and you need more room? Or is it possible that you’re prepping your house for the real estate market? Depending on where you are in life can help determine which part of the remodeling makes the most sense.

Keep in mind that the renovations you make is a return on investment. Think of the things that you can do to give them the most return on their investment. Kitchen and bathroom renovations are one of the safest ways to recoup your investment.

If you are planning to sell your home, consult with a real estate agent so that you can have some help prioritizing your to-do list. But if you still want to continue living in your house for a couple more years, then a general contractor is what you should look for.

If you plan on doing some heavy renovations, then a lot of dust and debris will be all over the place.

4. How much is your remodeling budget?

Even if you have deep pockets, you budget still rules supreme when prioritizing. Each budget can cover a portion of your home’s renovation. Here is a brief overview on which budget can cover the remodeling:

  • $10,000: Bathroom – toilet, tile floor, and new chrome faucets. Kitchen – disposal, sink, granite countertop, and new chrome faucet.
  • $30,000: Bathroom – stainless fixtures, glass shower enclosure, custom tile shower with custom shower pain, and complete renovation down to studs and joists. Kitchen – chrome fixtures, stock to semi-custom cabinetry, tile or wood floor, very little appliance replacement, complete renovation with laminate countertops and no structural work.
  • $60,000: Kitchen – Heated floor, chrome fixtures, custom cabinetry, stainless fixtures, granite or quartz countertops, tile/wood/cork/marmoleum flooring, and all new appliances.
  • $100,000: Room addition or complete high-end kitchen renovation.  Make sure to invest on high quality carpets from CurlysCarpetRepair.com to make the rooms even more appealing.

Hopefully, the tips that you’ve read here will help you prep for the much-needed renovation for your home. Through this, you will know which one to prioritize and then get all the remodeling started.

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